13 Best 2022 Interview Tips for Nurses

Interview Tips

Not just an innate spirit of service: Nursing today requires medical knowledge, technical skills, problem solving skills and interview tips for nurses.


Being a nurse is a delicate profession, which combines the medical-scientific knowledge gained during specific university courses with the natural predisposition towards others and the practical nature essential for assistance work. An interview at a healthcare facility or nursing home will take all of these elements into account.

Here is our interview tips for nurses to face the selection process by highlighting your professional qualities without leaving your personality in the shade.


Interview Tips for Nurses

Interview Tips for Nurses 1: Review the theory

What is the nursing process and how many phases is it divided into? If you don’t know how to respond quickly, run to brush up on your university textbooks. A good nurse is required to have both solid and broad scientific knowledge, ranging from psychology to anatomy, from pharmacology to internal medicine, from cardiology to neurology, and so on. During the interview a theoretical question is always possible and a possible stumbling block without appeal precludes a positive outcome of the selection.


Interview Tips for Nurses 2: Value the goals you have achieved

Employers often warn that many nurses find it difficult to talk about themselves and the milestones they have achieved in their professional lives, thus making it difficult to understand the potential they may have. Take some time to prepare a list of the ten successes that made you most proud and try to include them in the interview, or use them without hesitation to answer an inherent question. Be aware of your worth!


Interview Tips for Nurses 3: Don’t do your bio

During an interview you are not asked to tell your whole life, rather a concise presentation of the skills that make you perfect for that job. Don’t get lost in long off-topic talks, for example about your hobbies or your favorite team. As informal as the interviewer’s approach may be, his only interest is to know your skills as a nurse.


Interview Tips for Nurses 4: Kindness is the first medicine

Caring for others begins with paying attention to them. Be nice to every person you meet at your potential workplace – from the secretary to the most extravagant patients to anyone who happens to come across in the parking lot. Neither you nor anyone else knows who is watching you and how they are doing it. Kind ways are good for your interlocutor and you too, protecting you from bad figures.

Interview Tips for Nurses 5: Document yourself

Consider browsing the Internet for useful information on the facility you are applying to so that you have a clear understanding of it. Your interest will also ignite that of the recruiter.

Interview Tips for Nurses 6: Be specific …

It may sound trivial, but showing up at the interview with a copy of your resume is a great business card.

Interview Tips for Nurses 7: On time

The unexpected is always lurking: it is better to arrive ten minutes before having to start the interview and apologize for the delay.

Interview Tips for Nurses 8: Dress appropriately

Choose a well-groomed and professional look , without excesses or sloppiness: an interview in a care facility is certainly not the first at La Scala, but not even on a Monday night on the sofa.

Interview Tips for Nurses 9: Be honest about your experiences

If you are at your first work experience and if you are a recent graduate, don’t panic! Honesty is key, not inventing non-existent experiences. In addition  , newly graduated nurses are always welcome abroad and hospitals often undertake to train them and direct them to specific departments or specializations. To be honest, it can take you far!

Interview Tips for Nurses 10: Be courteous

It can happen to everyone to be rude, to have a “no” moment and to answer casually. Here: this doesn’t have to happen at your potential workplace and at the interview stage. Be kind to everyone: with the people you meet in the parking lot, with the receptionist, with the patients, the staff ... Because you don’t know who (and how) is observing and evaluating you and above all why, if you have chosen to undertake this professional path, a minimum of vocation to assist and care for others, you must have it. Prove it with kindness!


Interview Tips for Nurses 11: Be well informed

This advice always applies to all interviews, in any sector: if you are applying for a certain position it is desirable that, in view of the interview, you have documented yourself adequately! Anyone who proves to be informed always makes a good impression on the recruiter. For example: what kind of patients does the facility host? If it is an association or a foundation, how was it born? What are its goals? Are there any special departments? Interesting programs? Showing during the interview that you have “worked” in this sense confirms that we really care about that job.

Interview Tips for Nurses 12: Leave grudges at home

If a potential employer overhears you talking badly about your previous employment, they will think you could do the same to them too. Forget the unpleasant incidents of the past: however true, you will only seem like an ungrateful or insatiable person.

Interview Tips for Nurses 13: In addition to the answers, prepare the questions

At the end of the interview, thank the interviewer for the time he or she has dedicated to you and don’t be afraid to ask him a few questions about the structure and position you applied for: you will be interested and proactive.


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