Automotive technology Ready to open a new world 

Automotive technology

Automotive technology counts as one technology that reduces problems dangers on the road, but what will it be? 

Automotive technology with invention new things to come in response to our human beings’ use to achieve comfort and safety. Most of the road will be presented about Automotive technology that helps predict and aid in detection in terms of emotion to reduce the problem of happening better on the road. The new automotive technology reduces the problems of stress with an innovation called health check car seat with stress check from the heart rate respiratory rate in order to calculate cumulative stress in the driver’s body. It is known that various stress that has accumulated in the body will be the cause of various diseases and is the cause of doze off as well because at this point. So there is innovation in this Automotive technology come to answer automotive technology applications for confidence of those who share the road that there will be no danger to road participants which means drive of the car of the future will be safe—both the use of cars and roads more.


Automotive Technology:

What would be something called Autonomous vehicle? Is it really interesting?

Many people may have heard of this and thought it would be extremely difficult in the past. Because to be true automotive innovation must have changed and more modern but not long after. The change in the automotive technology began to change and has been modified even more. In order to meet the so-called future cars with this thing called autonomous vehicle technology.

(Autonomous vehicle), which many people may think is impossible. But then came back to reality that have been used in famous car brands. The manufacturer from the Tesla camp that has developed these technologies to be sophisticated and easily accessible and also access to use to be known. It has become more widespread because of this innovation. Thai people may still only see foreign users. Have come to review or meet in foreign movies with the selection of this car how effective it is.

The development has reached this point. If there is no joint development of giant companies like Google, Intel, and Apple to join in the development.

Considered as a company with a database both the user topography including location and route to be used to control of the driverless system for processing more efficient

Automotive technology with a complete vehicle tracking system will be real and useful, The type anyone recommends?

Beginning of this may have a beginning that comes from the public transport system by searching for the so-called Vehicle tracking system. It is to know the status of the car that it is active how little for the response of the car which is one of the car innovations that has been watched quite a bit because of this will come to help and come in to facilitate in follow-up and the operating conditions of the car to make the calculation of Car insurance is more accurate. Car users paid insurance real car as far as the condition of the car has been used by reducing the rate of the number. The cost of insurance premiums is reduced. If the car is used less, make it more suitable and fair for those who use the car a lot. It is therefore not surprising that why this innovation to be eye-catching because there are many countries has been applied also see better feedback so hope that soon. Customers who use cars regularly because the signal with tracking system in this automatic form make the system able to store information and collect accurate information more than ever all of which to assess the risks of car use that will happen on the road even more by all this it depends on consent. To access personal information and status tracking will be at the owner of the car solely.

Remote cut-off system is one of the things that can be said to the situation of the car How true is it at present?

As you can see, they are familiar with MG brand cars that are ordered through an application. To control the system inside the car that can be easily commanded via a smartphone, including starting the car, turning off the car, informing the current location where the car is parked, and even turning on the air conditioner inside the car’s cabin before driving with remote commands that can be ordered in mobile phone only one machine which this part is called Remote cut-off system which is working with GPS satellites with tracking network car to know the current situation by what interests the customer group who decides on The use of this type of automotive technology due to the convenience received after use that feel easy and not difficult to access therefore it is highly acceptable to the automotive technology. And it also allows this to be pushed into a common standard that basic cars should have, because these tracks is very good because of use aware of the event such as road accidents with eruption airbag system will be able to send the medical team and support team to help immediately The way you don’t have to What are you worried about?

Eliminate parking problems and enter the parking envelope with state-of-the-art technology of automotive innovation, That is liked by many people, right?

Straight parking is known and it is something that many people refuse to drive Due to the envelope and parking spaces that are narrow and necessary very precise. To reduce scrape and snatch on the car next to it  resulting in an invention automotive innovation this came up to meet the needs of those who want to use the car but doesn’t like parking in narrow spaces such as shopping malls and various parking buildings that requires expertise In extreme parking, because there are so many situations that easily cause accidents. Many people hope that this Automotive technology will help and reduce such problems where this Automotive technology was introduced in automotive manufacturers.  It shows the current response of innovation called Innovative parking.  That is exactly the same

100% at this point, making the development of innovation in this manner.There was a group awakening. This innovation is enormous because of the current overwhelming response and there is a need for of the convenience with optional options in reducing the barriers to use that will occur with a person driving a motor vehicle on the road.



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