Baghdad Vacant Positions 2022

Baghdad Vacant Positions 2022

Baghdad Vacant Positions 2022

Baghdad Vacant Positions 2022 are announced for Pakistani Nationals. They are responsible for handling all aspects of administration, paperwork, filing. And technical specifications for purchase orders as part of our responsibilities in this position. As well as ensuring that all documents are forwarded to the appropriate approval channels prior to the order actually being processed in order to fulfill this position’s responsibilities.

Baghdad Vacant Positions 2022 Requirements

Make sure that the purchasing practices and policies of the company It is crucial to include technical specifications as part of the preparation
Terms and conditions and evaluation criteria should be monitored Keep track of all orders and shipments
Prepare and follow up on all order documents and approvals Maintain proper documentation and follow up on all payments to suppliers
Accordance with the procurement manager’s direction Discrepancies and variances regarding supplier payments should be resolved immediately
Ensure all our transactions are being handled effectively by monitoring shipments Following up with clearing companies
Precision and traceability for internal administration All orders under clearance or in the pipeline must be managed with a high level of accuracy
Updated orders are placed or shipping dates are updated The system is updated too
Keep track of all orders and receipts To ensure the goods reach their destination on time
Ensure all import-related documents are complete Updates new dates of shipping and arrivals


How to Apply?

Interested candidates must apply at:

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