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Let’s start with the definition:

Best Jobs Descriptions for  the administrative assistant is the person in charge of administrative tasks within companies and organizations of all kinds, in the public and private sectors . It is a fundamental role in every administrative office , even if the specific tasks may change according to the type, size and structure of the company or body in which it works: private companies, law firms, medical offices, public offices, schools, hospitals. In this article we will discuss best jobs descriptions for administrative assistant keep reading.


Understanding Jobs Descriptions for Administrative Assistant :

Most of the duties of the administrative employee are related to the management of the documentation necessary for the company to function efficiently.

The administrative assistant creates and compiles documents , inserts data ( data entry ), archives practices and ensures that all administrative formalities are dealt with correctly and on time.

It also takes care of everything concerning the bureaucratic and secretarial aspects , in accordance with company procedures: it sorts incoming and outgoing mail and phone calls, spreads out documents and letters, coordinates the calendars of meetings and appointments , manages the agenda and organizes trips and business trips for colleagues and superiors (for example, the sales diary or the director’s trips).

Furthermore, it offers support to office colleagues in solving Descriptions administrative problems that may arise, always reporting to the administrative manager .


In addition to administrative and secretarial support, the assistant may also be required to provide commercial support to the business .

The duties of the commercial administrative assistant include the management of customer and supplier orders via management software (e.g. SAP), the preparation of offers for commercials, the management of customer requests, the creation of sales presentations – functions similar to those of the commercial back office.

If, on the other hand, he works in the administration and accounting area, the administrative assistant also takes care of billing activities (active and passive), supports the preparation of the company’s financial statements in accordance with current legislation, manages the payment of taxes, duties and other charges, and carries out all the administrative procedures necessary for correct company accounting, in compliance with internal procedures.

In this case, we will speak more properly about the Descriptions of the accounting administrative assistant.

In reality small and in the absence of dedicated staff, the administrative assistant can also be entrusted with tasks in other sectors: for example, he can also perform functions related to the administration of human resources, such as the management of holidays, illnesses, and maternity.

The most frequent form of employment for an administrative assistant is that of an employee , with a full-time or part-time job contract is depending on the needs of the company.


Other names for Administration Jobs Profession: 

Administrative Clerk, Similar Job Searches: Banking Administration , Commercial Administration , Accounting Administration , Hotel Administration , Local Authority Administration , Warehouse Administration , Personnel Administration , Healthcare Administration , Purchasing Office Administration , Part Time Administrative Clerk , Foreign Administrative Clerk, Descriptions Administrative Technician.

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Duties and Duties of the Administrative Assistant


What does the administrative assistant do? Here are the main tasks that the administrative employee performs in his working day:

  • Handling of administrative procedures, in compliance with deadlines
  • Drafting and compilation of documents
  • Data entry
  • Archiving of paper and/or electronic documentation
  • Scheduling of meetings and appointments, agenda management
  • General secretarial activity

In carrying out his duties, the administrative assistant ensures that everything is carried out according to the company protocol and in compliance with current legislation.


How to Become an Administrative Assistant? Training Descriptions and Requirements


The training required to become an administrative assistant is managerial and administrative.

Employers therefore positively assess qualifications such as a diploma from a commercial technical institute (accounting), or a degree in economics, political science, Descriptions, or law. To carry out the work, in fact, skills in management and conservation of documentation, accounting, economics, accounting, law are needed.

An administrative assistant must then have an in-depth knowledge of the legislation in force regarding the handling of bureaucracy and administrative practices, especially as regards the Public Administration.

They must also be able to use the most common office equipment (telephone and video conferencing systems, fax machines, printers, and photocopiers …) and possess the IT skills, necessary to use spreadsheets, process texts on the computer, manage archives and databases, and other applications ( for example management software ).

Previous experience as an administrative employee in the accounting, commercial or secretarial field, or in other similar roles ( back office, data entry …) is a preferential requirement


Skills of an Administrative Assistant

The professional skills and personal qualities required in job postings for administrative assistants are varied, here are the main ones:

  • Administrative expertise
  • Updated knowledge of regulations and bureaucratic procedures
  • Familiarity with the main IT systems and management software
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills, to independently manage mail and phone calls
  • Precision, order, and attention to detail
  • Organization skills
  • Ability to manage priorities and meet deadlines
  • Operational flexibility and problem solving
  • Patience and reliability

Job Opportunities and Career of the Administrative Assistant


The career of an administrative assistant typically progresses to positions of greater responsibility: after a few years in the job, one can become an office manager or an administrative manager.

Being a generalist figure, the administrative assistant can also decide to acquire specific skills (for example accounting, payroll, and human resources management …) and move between departments within the same organization. Or you can focus on the secretarial aspects and make a career as a management assistant or Executive Assistant .

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Good Reasons to Work As an Administrative Assistant

The main advantage of the administrative assistant profession is that it allows you to have a job with stable schedules . It is suitable for very organized people with great attention to detail.

Furthermore, it is an excellent starting point for a career within the administration area of ​​a company or in the Descriptions Public Administration. Since almost every organization may need an administrative assistant, job offers are very numerous and widespread throughout the country.


Template: Jobs Descriptions for Administrative Assistant

An overworked and disorganized team can even have the best talent without the right administrative assistant. An administrative assistant is a valuable asset for a number of reasons, from managing your office calendar to ensuring supplies are in stock. It’s, therefore, crucial to hire the right person for your organization.

You should make sure your job descriptions reflect your company’s values and are optimized to reach the right audience, regardless of whether it is an entry-level job description or an executive job description.

Getting started can be difficult, so we’ve provided you with a free template of job descriptions for an administrative assistant along with tips to help you adjust it for your company. Don’t forget to include any specific qualifications, requirements, and interesting information about your work environment. Adapt this job description sample in its general format. Take a look at these current administrative assistant job postings on Pkjobssite for more ideas and to see how your competition is recruiting.


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