Blue Light On The Screens

Blue light of the Screen damage

Mobile phones, PCs and tablets: The blue light of the screens accelerates aging

Blue light of the screens: New American research warns about the risks of abusing electrical devices. They increase the rate at which cells age.

Videos from PCs, tablets but also mobile phones accelerate aging. There is new bad news for those who can’t break away from electronic devices. Long standing in front of blue light on the screens that emit blue light affects the quality of your facial skin, even if you wear blue light glasses. In a nutshell, this is the result of a new research, even if at the moment the experimentation has been done only on the animal model.

The scientific world has long been investigating the consequences of exposure to the blue wavelengths produced by light emitting diodes. Several studies have already established how they damage brain cells and the retina. Even going so far as to affect the duration of our life.


Blue light of the Screen damage
Blue light of the Screen damage


Blue light of the Screen damages: many studies have already addressed this

However, pending a long-term clinical study that verifies the effects of exposure to blue light over time, it is better to move with caution. The first advice is to limit the exposure of these devices as much as possible to this type of devices in general, but especially in the hours preceding sleep. In fact, the problem is that when they are turned on, these devices emit a blue light, which is the same that tells our brain that we must wake up because it is morning. According to the US National Sleep Foundation, blue light of the screens slows the release of melatonin, the sleep hormone, more than any other light. Sometimes, however, it is difficult to avoid replying to messages even in the evening.

Blue light of the Screens: how to defend yourself

Many phones now have the evening profile, thanks to which the screen changes. And turns to warmer shades, in order to filter the blue light. The same is true for some computer and tablet monitors. However, it is not possible to block all the radiation. Many choose eyeglasses capable of filtering radiation. There are also films to be applied to displays that have the same function.

In the future, there may be phones that automatically adjust the display based on how long the phone is in use. This type of phone might be difficult to make, but it would probably have a big impact on health.

The new study on the blue light of Screens

The research was carried out on a particular type of fly, Drosophila melanogaster, which is often used in experiments thanks to cellular mechanisms it shares with other animals, including humans.

The results of the research 

The team found that this radiation exposure accelerates cellular aging. Midges exposed to daily cycles of 12 hours of blue light and 12 hours of darkness had shorter lifetimes than mates kept in total darkness or light with filtered blue wavelengths.

In particular, the flies had damage to the retinal cells of the retina and to the brain neurons, with a reduced capacity of movement. All this happened even when the blue light did not hit the eyes.


Blue light of the Screen damag
Blue light of the Screen damage


The importance of natural light 

Natural light is essential for the body’s circadian rhythm, as it stimulates hormone production and cell regeneration. “There is evidence to suggest that increased exposure to artificial light is a risk factor for sleep and circadian disorders. And with the prevalent use of LED lighting and device displays, humans are subject to increasing amounts of blue light.

The opinion of the experts

Human lifespan has increased dramatically over the past century as we have found ways to treat disease. And at the same time have spent more and more time with artificial light. As science looks for ways to help people be healthier and live longer. Designing a healthier light spectrum could be helpful.

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