Design Thinking for Innovation

Design Thinking

Get to know Design Thinking – a hot skill that leading companies around the world are looking for

Design Thinking is not just the name of a class of design kids. But it is a skill that is being sought by leading companies in many countries around the world such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, Tesla or startups like Bitkub.

When we create a product How do we know that the product or solution we create is what our customers really want? or changing consumer behavior. Our original products may not meet the needs of customers anymore. Many companies that can’t adapt will have to close, like Blockbuster, the former largest video rental store in the world. But eventually had to lose to Netflix.

Design Thinking is a thought process that solves these problems. This is a method that takes into account the needs of users’ technology possibilities and based on business success.


Design Thinking for Innovation
Design Thinking for Innovation


By Design Thinking, the work can be divided into 5 steps as follows:


Understanding your target audience is a very important step. Because in order for us to be able to design experiences or innovations, we have to try to please us as much as possible for the users of our products. There are a variety of methods, such as interviews or getting involved with real-world experiences. That makes us understand the true needs of users.


After understanding the target audience. We have to start thinking about what the real problem with our customers is. In this process, we will identify the needs of the target audience. in order to solve the problem more accurately.



When the real problem of the target audience is known We will brainstorm ideas for solutions. In order to get new ideas at this stage, we have to try to come up with as many ideas as possible. Rather than focusing on the quality of that idea. After that, we decided Which ideas are ideas that we can actually take to extend?

Prototype and Test

In the last 2 steps We will start modeling and testing it with real users to bring back user feedback to improve innovation. Prototyping is about bringing what’s in your head into a more tangible object where we do not have to invest or invest a lot of money. Thus saving both costs, expenses and time costs as well.

The story of Design Thinking doesn’t end here!

For the new generation of workers or entrepreneurs in the digital age who are interested in learning. How to create products or innovations that meet the needs of users like leading companies around the world and want to understand. Design Thinking in depth You can start with the online course Design Thinking for Innovation.

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