How to start freelancing in Pakistan without any prior experience?


In simple words, freelancing can be called work for yourself. To make money, you have to independently look for clients who will be willing to pay enough, communicate with them, and in some cases even defend your rights in order to prove you are right.

A freelance is a form of independent work where people have greater freedom, and decisive power over their work and the projects in which they participate, with the opportunity to collaborate online with multiple clients and companies in different parts of the world.

Now the question is how to start freelancing in Pakistan? In Pakistan, you can work as a freelancer in almost any field of activity. There are many options –

  • To engage in the development of social networks, 
  • Writing texts for blogs, websites, create product or interior design, 
  • Setup advertising, or even do accounting. 
  • Guest Posting, Backlinking
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Amazon Virtual Assistant
  • Dropshipping
  • Ecommerce


Tasks can be smaller, simpler and are suitable for beginners. For example, you can put likes on social networks, leave comments and fill out various surveys, leave reviews. Of course, they pay less for it, but this is a good option for additional income.


How to start freelancing in Pakistan: Best Tips for You

Here are best tips for how to start freelancing in Pakistan. In order to become a successful freelancer in Pakistan one has to stick to following mentioned rules:


  • Must have proper tools and equipment (Internet and Laptop) for work:

Before starting to work as a freelancer in Pakistan or anywhere what we need to do first is to find the right equipment for your job, especially when the work is related to design, art, content writing or anything else. Due to having good internet and whether it’s a computer or laptop, it will make us work more comfortably. The quality of work will improve as well. 

  • Find Your Skills that can be used to make a living as a freelancer:

With the right tools and equipment, the next step is to find your own skills, abilities, time and passion that can be used to make a living as a freelancer. It could be a general skill like language translation or a specialized skill depends on what are we good at and what the market demands?


  • Focus on improving your existing skills:

Even though I already knew what skills do we specialize in and are the most suitable for us? But if we don’t develop the skills we have at all other freelancers who are competitors in the market may even overtake us. Therefore, we always need to develop our own work skills which can now be done easily, whether it’s reading YouTube books and blogs related to our line of work or taking an online course is another interesting option. 


  • Accumulate experience to be widely known:

For freelance work the important factor that will make us get a job or not depends on the ‘performance’ because no matter where we graduate, how many years of work experience do you have, if we cannot prove that we can actually work to meet the needs of our customers, probably no one will hire us anyway. Therefore, the accumulation of experience to create a better work is indispensable. That’s why it’s essential to build our reputation in the freelance circle. As a result, you will continue to work as freelancer in Pakistan in the long term.


  • Create an attractive portfolio that attracts customers:

Don’t forget to keep some sample works in your Portfolio to attract customers. You can do it in many different ways, such as Website or Webpage, etc. To pursue a career as a full-time freelancer it might be a bit risky because we never know, will customers hire us in the long term or not? Will a freelance career be a good main career or not?


  • Find a suitable platform:


How to start freelancing in Pakistan? A very important step in becoming a freelancer in Pakistan is to find a suitable platform for your freelance services. Because the right platform will help people get more visibility and interest in our work. Choosing a new and interesting platform should be a good choice for us because the competition in the market for freelancing in Pakistan is quite high. 


  • Create results that exceed customer expectations:


When we have received a job from a customer the crucial thing that will make customers come back to hire us again in the long run is to do whatever it takes. It includes the work that comes out perfect beyond the expectations of the customer. To make our clients feel worth it, they should be impressed with our results. In this way, our freelance life will be stable and flowing in the long term.


Advantages/ Benefits of Freelancing:

  • Independence and flexibility:

The advantages of freelancing are obvious. Successful freelancers are completely free and decide for themselves which job they accept, where, with whom and when they work. In fact, it is the independence, the desire to be your own boss and to decide for yourself what and for whom you work that make you quit your job and embark on new paths into freelancer existence. However, as a freelancer you are not only more flexible in deciding what to do, but also in how you do something. People who decide on a career as self-employed often have exactly this claim: “freedom and self-determination”.

  • Self-realization:

The desire for independence is usually closely linked to the desire for self-realization. “Doing your own thing”, taking full responsibility, taking risks and seizing opportunities. But also do what you really like, what you can identify with and you stand behind it 100%.

How to start freelancing in Pakistan: Freelancing Platform for beginners in Pakistan:

Although there are any freelancing platforms such as Fiver, Upwork, etc. But for beginners I personally recommend “People per hour”. Reason for recommending this is due to the fact that there is not much competition here like on other platforms.



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