Iraq Jobs Development Officer

Development Officer jobs iraq

Iraq Jobs Development Officer 2022

Iraq Jobs Development Officer in Heartland Alliance International (HAI) that has been main anti-poverty in Chicago. HAI is enforcing packages on huge variety of human rights issues. Which serves people in 50 global countries.

Iraq Development Officer Responsibilities

Work with potential partners Networking and outreach
Develop grant concepts and activities Strategic guidance of the PD team
Present, evaluate, prepare and analyze concepts Grant agreement documents
Finalize proposals and activities Consistency with program and goals and objectives
Develop and finalize ongoing proposal and projects Fast paced highly changeable environment
Coordination with HAI PD team New Grant components
Communicate with Program Managers MENA technical advisors and leadership to maintain
Weekly check-in program design Conduct research for the MENA region
Attends external meetings, webinars and workshops Research USG funding
Analyze international governments foundations Emphasis on Iraq of HAI’s program offices
Content analysis interpretations Multi proposals on daily basics


Minimum recommended Bachelor’s degree and experience is must be 03 years in Human Rights and International Development.


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