The Best Job Interview Tips and Techniques

Job Interview Tips

The Job Interview tips process is considered the most important step. This is when the employer decides whether to accept or not accept you to work. So we have some job interview tips and tricks to get you the job done: 

 Best Job Interview Tips

Job Interview Tips    1. Punctual by checking the route before going to the meeting point if you can practice timing first. It is best to allow time to arrive at the appointment location about 30 minutes before the scheduled appointment time.


 Job Interview Tips   2. Dress appropriately and appropriately dressing is one measure that indicates that we will “get a job” or not, because in the first meeting. We do not know the temperament. It has to be evaluated based on physical appearance. Therefore, proper attire is an essential tool in making a good first impression. In addition to other factors, and most importantly, dressing appropriately helps us to be confident in ourselves and confidence


This Job Interview Tip will help you to have the courage to talk and respond. And the intimacy naturally follows. Therefore, clothes should be plain, women should wear skirts, shirts and hairstyles should be neat. Hairdressing with open forehead and ear is one of the strategies in formal interviews or dealings with others as it makes us look open and honest. For men, shirts and pants should be kept neat and unkempt. long to interview


    Also, don’t wear t-shirts, jeans, or floral-patterned clothing. Absolutely because the chances of not getting the job are quite high because the interviewer is considered disrespectful to the location and the interviewer.


 Job Interview Tips   3. The posture should be polite and natural. Should not show nervousness, trembling hands, trembling feet, acting excited, trembling, take a deep breath, and chill out.

Before entering the interview room should knock on the door first then ask permission to enter when meeting the person Interviewers are asked to raise their hands to say “hello” or “hello” without first knowing that the interviewer That will be younger than us or not.


  • If the interviewer invites you to sit should say thank you and should not sit before the interviewer is invited to sit, or if you have to sit and wait for the interviewer in the interview room. The time the interviewer came in you should get up and say hello. Do not sit and greet the interviewer.
  • If the interviewer presents a business card, it should be received with two hands and placed on the table. It should not be put in the bag right away. The business card should not be folded or scribbled in front of the giver. Because that is considered very bad manners. especially if interviewing with Japanese people
  • Getting out of the seat after completing the interview, get out of your seat. Chairs should be kept neat.

Job Interview Tips and Techniques

Job Interview Tips    4. Concentrate, listen carefully to questions or inquiries., but do not tense. In the event that the question is not clearly heard and want the interviewer to ask again, should apologize and Please ask the question again or get more details click here.


Job Interview Tips    5. Manners during job interviews


    Good Manners – Sit up straight with your hands on your lap. Make eye contact with the interviewer.


    Bad Manners- Should not reach, pick, sheep, scratch, sit on the chin, cross the chest, lean on the chair, sit cross-legged, answer the phone during job interviews. Avoid making eye contact with the interviewer when talking, which will lead you to think that some information may be concealed.


Job Interview Tips     6. Answering questions . Always remember that the brain has to be faster than the mouth. Don’t let your mouth be faster than your brain because So stop and think for a moment before answering. and must answer as clearly as possible. The most important thing is not to brag or brag when talking about skills or Exaggerate your own abilities and should not say things that are not true. Because the interviewer did not interview us alone, but also interviewed many applicants. Therefore, it is not difficult to determine who is telling the truth or telling a lie.


Job Interview Tips    7. Refrain from attacking or referring to third parties. It’s not good manners and it shows what kind of person you are. Because the interviewer may think that in the future, he too may be blamed behind his back. Remember not to hurt others. Because the person you are criticizing him in a destructive way, may know or be friends with someone who is You can interview. Therefore, it is better to talk about the good or the good of the third person.


Job Interview Tips    8. Measuring the level of emotional regulation Sometimes the interviewer may measure your ability to control your emotions with words. Ask in a manner that disagrees with your opinion. or trying to provoke you to anger with your words, you will have to try to hold back. Don’t show any reaction. Some questions, if you can’t answer them, shouldn’t be answered, I don’t know, I don’t know, unless they’re really poor.


Job Interview Tips    9. English should be prepared for language interviews, especially English. should be prepared before the interview Almost all foreign-owned companies will require an English-language interview because working with foreigners is primarily English. So to get a job? Language is also an important factor to be considered. The more if you get other languages ​​such as Japanese, Chinese, French, etc., it will be even more advantageous than others, so if anyone still knows that they do not have English. I’m also learning now and will be able to prepare for interviews and use them in my future work.


Job Interview Tips    10. Opportunity to ask questions If the interviewer gives an opportunity to ask questions. The questions you ask should be about the nature of your job. the position you are applying for for information for your own decision


    The question that should not be asked is,

Job Interview Tips

  • Salary questions should not be asked until the interviewer is satisfied with or has agreed to accept us. And in general, the interviewer has to ask about it. But if asked, we are not sure if the salary that we have informed is too high or too low. We should say that the salary would be better according to the base salary set by the company.
  • Shouldn’t ask about holidays, set a rest day being late or leaving early because it is to create an image that Job applicants want to work less, prefer to take time off.
  • should not argue, When interviewing or asking so many questions that you wonder who interviewed whom?


Job Interview Tips     11. You should not smoke while waiting for the interview. You should not drink alcohol, get drunk, or have the smell of alcohol with you during the interview. Because that will make you miss getting a job for sure. Whether you have traveled a long distance or are good, your consideration is unaffected.


Job Interview Tips    12. Demonstrating willingness to work. When the interview is complete the interviewer may ask you to say something that will benefit you personally. What is your intention to work for this company? What impressions do you have from coming to the interview and ending with your hopes of being considered for the company? You should keep this brief, but don’t go straight to his work, and don’t show enthusiasm for wanting the job that it doesn’t look good. Always keep in mind that we have the advantage that they need us. It’s not that we only need one job.


 Job Interview Tips   13. Do not invite parents or friends to wait for an interview as well. Because the interviewer will feel that the applicant has no self-confidence and needs a mentor to take care of them. You will need someone to accompany you because the company is far away, if you have to travel alone I’m afraid it’s not safe. It is better to wait outside the company.


 Job Interview Tips   14. Do not use foul language. And don’t use slangs, abbreviations, unnecessarily during the interview.


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