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The coronavirus pandemic has not only affected the way we work. It also had an impact on how companies Online interview and integrate employees into the company. Fortunately, we have the technology to help us with the challenges and difficulties caused by the coronavirus in the recruiting process. One of the great solutions is the online interview and the best tips for online interviews!

The selection of the best talent is one of the main tasks of the Human Resources department. However, this is a process that involves several steps. With the changes in the way we work and the implementation of teleworking, human resources have had to adapt to the new reality.

One of the biggest challenges was the adaptation and the transition from the face-to-face interview to the online interview, without losing efficiency and quality. But exactly, how can we conduct an online interview? How to make it interesting and dynamic? What is most important to consider at this point?

In this article, we will point out tips for an online interview, so that your company’s recruiting and selection process continues to run as smoothly as possible.


Recruiting and Selection: What Changed During the Pandemic?

With social distancing rules, many stages of recruiting and selecting staff had to be adapted. While the first steps in this process, such as the job offer and resume selection, haven’t undergone many changes, other steps have required a great deal of adaptation .

This is the case with face-to-face job interviews, which have been suspended and avoided in many circumstances. As a result, the online interview has taken hold and replaced the face-to-face one. It is important that companies are ready to conduct job interviews efficiently, even remotely.

According to a study, 87% of companies are currently using the online interview mode to assess candidates’ skills and profile. However, while the goal of an online interview remains the same as a face-to-face interview, the format change ends up including some major changes .

While remote interviews can include a larger pool of talent, they have significant drawbacks. One of the risks of an online interview is losing sight of non-verbal communication , a precious resource for getting to know the candidate better. The best way to compensate for this loss is through careful preparation and good online interview questions.

Check out the best and easy tips for online interview below to make sure your online interviews lead to the expected result.

Essential tips for online interview

For an online interview to work well and bring good results, you need to plan. Also, you must always be informed about the tools that can help in this process. With organization and planning it is possible to complete this step without major problems.

Check out tips for online interview for successful online job interviews below:

  1. Find the right tool

There are dozens of easy-to-use video and software applications to choose from, including paid platforms and free options like Google Hangouts, Skype, and Zoom. That said, the abundance of options and availability doesn’t mean you can leave the decision of which tool you’ll be using at the last minute.

Being comfortable with the tool you will be using is a key part of preparing for an online interview . So, take the time to familiarize yourself with all the settings beforehand.

If video software is the vehicle that will virtually transport you to the candidate, your computer and internet connection will be essential. Both should be good enough to ensure a stable video and audio connection . Making a video call with a colleague to make sure everything is working as it should is a great idea. Therefore, you can prepare and start with more confidence.


  1. Communicate clearly and efficiently with your candidate

The additional logistics involved in online interviewing means that communication with your candidate is doubly important. Try to give as much notice as possible or, when you can, offer several days / times for the video interview.

This will give them time to download the software that will be used, organize a quiet space, obtain necessary material, and so on. If you intend to use a tool that is not immediately available (such as Skype and Google Hangouts), be sure to provide detailed instructions on how they can access the platform .

  1. Choose a professional environment

The office was designed to convey seriousness and professionalism. Your house? Maybe not much. Your candidates’ eyes will be fixed on you. However, they will naturally look further to see what happens behind the scenes at some point.

What will they see? Don’t let the background of the online interview distract the candidate ! A row of (reliable) books or a white background will solve the problem if in doubt.

  1. Act like you would in a face-to-face interview

We miss the atmosphere of the office; we do not fail to choose a professional outfit to wear from Monday to Friday. Working from home has an advantage, and that advantage is the pajamas. However, while most of the time it is okay to do your job in comfortable clothes, but with little style, an online interview is not one of those moments.

To hire the best employee and keep your professional reputation intact, remember one of our most important tips for online job interviews: consider this process as a face-to-face interview and dress accordingly .

  1. Arrive prepared

It is one thing to be unprepared when a candidate arrives at your office, but at least in that circumstance the candidate can look around and feel the work environment. If you’re still arranging everything for the online interview when you get on the call, you’re putting the candidate in an awkward position . They can only look at you or their wall.

So, follow these tips:

  • Make sure you are ready to start as soon as the video connection is established.
  • Keep your question list and all relevant files handy.
  • Leave a glass of water by your side, it is always important in long conversations.
  • Close other pages and chats that can distract you during the online interview.
  • A candidate recruitment and selection system can help keep all documents in order.


  1. Inform the candidate about the company culture

In traditional face-to-face interviews, candidates can get a feel for the corporate culture simply by walking around the office space. An online interview will not allow the candidate to have the same experience.

Therefore, it is important to take the time to explain the work culture that ensures the success of the company . In particular, don’t forget to highlight the work environment and business climate of your organization (employee well-being, flexible hours, office benefits, etc.) and the principles, values ​​and business ethics that shape behavior and decisions. of people.

Of all the reasons a new employee might not work, conflict with corporate culture is among the most common.

  1. Put yourself in the candidate’s shoes

Think about your candidate. An online interview can be a stressful experience in most cases , but it is even more unnerving when conducted under less-than-ideal circumstances.

When the job interview takes place in the home environment, disturbances such as interruptions from children, noises from work in progress and animals and in general domestic chaos become infinitely more likely than when doing a security interview. a private and soundproofed meeting room.

Your candidate can resist any ailment that comes his way, or he can apologize a thousand times over. Regardless, assure him that you are also a human being and that you understand these things happen . Being patient and showing empathy aren’t just advice for online interviews – they’re solid rules of life.

  1. Always plan a plan B.

If we have learned anything from 2020, it is that things can go wrong, sometimes in an extreme way. Even if you follow our tips for a successful online job interview , there is always a small chance that your internet connection or that of candidates will be interrupted during the interview for reasons beyond anyone’s control.

When Plan A fails, your Plan B will go into action. Having the candidate’s mobile number (if the video works fine, but the audio doesn’t work) or simply rearranging the interview (if everything is messed up) are the two virtual interview tips recruiters need to follow if technology threatens to spoil the morning.



Human Resource Management: Incorporate tips for online interview into your business routine

Online interviews won’t be over anytime soon. The pandemic may have been the event that brought virtual interviews to a high level of popularity, but the clear benefits it offers in the recruitment process mean that it will long remain a favorite modality for recruiting and selecting staff.

Take a thoughtful and thoughtful approach to your remote recruiting process. Incorporate tips for online interview offerr an effective online job interview into all your daily business activities. Thus it will be possible to ensure that the lack of face-to-face contact between employees does not hinder employee performance and work productivity .

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