Social Media Digital Detox

Social Media Digital Detox

Digital detox: 4 simple steps to detox from social media

An unconscious use of social media can be addictive in the long run. Limiting times and changing habits is essential. A notification on WhatsApp, a photo with friends to share on Instagram, a company email or, again, a video on TikTok. Any occasion is good to unlock the smartphone screen . Today the Internet and social networks are in effect part of our daily life. A habit that we cannot do without and that in the long run can lead to a real addiction . Here are 4 simple steps for a conscious use of social media and, why not, also for a good “digital detox”.

Turn off the notifications

Rule number 1: Turn off notifications

When the phone lights up or just vibrates, our attention automatically moves to the screen. An automatism that not only DE concentrates us from what we are doing, but makes us “slaves” to the point of making us live in a state of perennial expectation and anxiety . That’s why turning off notifications, or even just silencing them, is the first step in decreasing the time you spend on social networks. The Check apps can also be useful , which summarizes how many times you unlock your smartphone and on which apps you spend the most time during the day.


Social Media Digital Detox
Social Media Digital Detox


Off the phone morning and evening Social Media Digital Detox

When we wake up in the morning, the first thing we do is check our phone to see what we missed during the night. Another bad habit , because the mind needs its time to activate. The scrolling of the contents present on social networks is certainly not the right way to awaken it. Replace it with a nice cup of coffee, leafing through a newspaper, or some stretching.

Social Media Detox

Same thing in the evening. The blue screen of the media device does not help sleep, in fact, experts recommend abandoning it at least 2 hours before going to bed . But be careful not to put it on the bedside table. The temptation to “reply to a message then turn it off” may get out of hand. Leave it in another room. This will help you really unplug. What to do instead of looking at the smartphone? Read a book, listen to some music, watch a movie or meditate. Waking up will certainly be more pleasant!

Make time for yourself

How many times, after a stressful day at the office, did you happen to arrive home, lie down on the sofa and spend hours in front of the screen without finishing anything? Wrong! Devote your free time to hobbies and passions . Play sports, browse a newspaper, cook or hang out with friends. There is no better outlet for diverting attention from the screen.

Real life is another

A useful wake-up call to understand that you are in the midst of a smartphone addiction is the constant thought on the next move on social media: “What photos to publish, what to write, when?”. This, in addition to causing stress and anxiety , pushes us into a vicious circle in which the only concern is to understand what others think about you. Stop caring about views, likes and comments on your post. Try to limit your content, leaving aside appearances. Remember that real life is not on social networks.

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