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Skype interview is an online study interview via video. Regardless of where or how the interviews from the university will be held preparation and appropriate attire. Here we will share successful skype interview tips which is an important factor in your skype interview. Because every interview is one of the process of contacting and applying to study with an official university.


Skype Interview Tips: Technical Highlights

Prepare your computer in advance with the following technical points in mind.

  1. Account

Change your account in advance if it has a name that doesn’t fit the image of a respected job seeker. We talked about something similar with email in this article. There should be no fish, rabbits and 1234.

  1. Picture

Look into the camera and sit in front of it. Rate image quality Your face, even though La Gioconda is in a still state. But it should not fill the entire screen. Leave room for other body parts. I guess you guessed which ones 🙂

  1. Sound

Pay special attention to the sound. These are no small things, check your microphone, etc. for sound, test your voice. adjust the volume

After starting a conversation, make sure you hear the other person well. It’s very important. Some candidates don’t value this or are embarrassed to say it. As a result, out-of-place answers can blur the entire impression. Also, make sure the person you’re communicating with is clearly hearing you.



  1. Reliability of communication

Try to make sure your internet connection is uninterrupted. If you have a modem for mobile internet, insert it to quickly turn it on in case of problems with the primary modem.

  1. No one should bother

According to the law of meanness, at the most inopportune moment, someone from the family may need you. especially for children and animals

If your watchdog is in the room during a conversation, you can be sure that he will try to join the conversation by any means available to him 🙂 So get everyone out of the door and close tightly.

  1. Background and light

Sure, seeing Grandma’s rug in the back, even if it’s made by hand. But it’s not the best frame for the ideal job seeker’s face. What should be? Decide for yourself, remembering that this is part of your picture.


The lighting should be appropriate – not too bright. but enough to show your face well The face is actually everything that the interlocutor sees. Where else should he look? Treat your promotional “tools” with care.


Final Skype Interview Tips for Your Skype Interview

Fix Skype account registration

skype interview tip 1: Username. If you have never used Skype, you will need to download the application from the Internet, install Skype on your desktop and register. To register, use your first and last name to log in. Don’t use silly nicknames like svetlanka.22, tanechka, etc. Remember that you can register several Skype accounts depending on your goals: business communication or communication with friends and family. The best option for a nickname is your initials, eg. raisasorokina

skype interview tip 2: Photos Your profile on Skype or other social networks should include high-quality photos that highlight your business qualities. Stop your choice for skype account with photos from your profile.

With a professional photo and serious username, you’ll showcase your business communication skills to your HR manager and make a good first impression before meeting you via video.

Be in time: Install all the latest versions of the program, use the highest bandwidth Internet channels. Be sure to check all software before the interview. Your job is to properly seat in front of the screen to avoid blurry images, delayed sound, or incorrect framing around your ears or chin. Don’t let outdated technology hamper your job prospects. The environment and background must also be suitable, as well as good lighting and high-quality sound.

  • Lighting. The light sources should be positioned at a 30o angle on the right and 20o angle on the left behind the camera. Place the other light source behind you. The light should not fall from above, which will create unwanted shadows.
  • background selection First of all, you need to choose a background with which you will “broadcast”. The best option for this is a wall with simple solid color wallpaper that does not catch the eye or distract the recruit from you. You can also buy neutral background paper. The most acceptable colors are light brown, light gray or ivory. The snowy white background is undesirable, because the eyes are getting tired. The influence of color gamut should not be overlooked. Both the background and clothing colors should create peace and harmony. Reinforce the background paper so it doesn’t fall off during the interview. (Usually the most important moment)
  • Interior … Education is the best place to interview. Sit down at your desk creating a business environment.
  • The camera should be at your eye level. Your head and shoulders should be framed – this is the best angle. Remove all foreign objects from the camera view – these can serve as a mental barrier between you and your interlocutor. Leaving only a pen and a diary and a summary on the table.
  • Clean Lens Dust or smudges on your webcam’s lens will wipe out all your careful preparation. Wipe the camera before the interview.
  • blank screen Close all irrelevant programs, windows, and tabs on your computer so that mail notifications do not appear on your monitor during the interview.
  • Tags: When performing a play, a mark is placed on the stage floor to indicate where the performer should stand. You have to mark in advance, for example, where your chair should be during the interview. This will help you get the best light and view.
  • Power supply … If you have a laptop, it is recommended to connect it to the network. Battery power is not a reliable option. But if no other option is available, fully charge the battery before starting the interview. Make sure all cables are firmly connected and the system is working. Prevent your interview from being corrupted by unexpected equipment failures. Spare devices should always be at hand.
  • Image overlaps and crashes …be prepared for the disturbance. During a Skype interview, there may be communication difficulties because you may not hear or understand the question. In this case, ask the speaker to repeat the question.
  • force majeure. If at the last moment something happened: You suddenly get sick or your Internet connection is interrupted, cancel the interview, explain the reason and suggest a new date.
  • Nature You should pay enough attention to your appearance. Since the screen size in skype is limited, your head and shoulders are visible in the video at close range, i.e. the upper part, so you have to focus on it. All you have to do to look respectable on Skype is focus on your hair, makeup, shirt and jacket. You will find dressing tips in the article:

skype interview tip 3: “Quiet, filming in progress!”

It’s the message that should be hung on the door of the room from where you’re conducting the conversation. Make sure everyone is calm and quiet.

skype interview tip 4: Teleprompter

Go to your office supply store and purchase a presentation. Write your important message on these sheets and reinforce it behind the camera. They will serve you as teleporters.

skype interview tip 5: Don’t miss your eyes.

Get ready for the interview a few minutes before you begin: Sit in front of the camera and wait for the interlocutor to connect. Look straight ahead, do not make sudden movements, show calmness and confidence.

skype interview tip 6: Smile! You are broadcasting!

 Smiling removes all the major obstacles and threats that might come from strangers. A person’s brain smiles instantly and you’ll be able to connect with the interviewer from the very first moment of the meeting.

Your smile should be sincere and natural. If you don’t smile during the interview, the interviewer will think you’re unhappy, anxious, and uninterested in taking the job. 

skype interview tip 7: Time zone

Greet each other based on the time zone they’re in, not you. For example, if it’s eight o’clock now and you’re at seven o’clock, tell him, “Good evening!” not “Good morning!”

Your impression of yourself depends on how your voice sounds. To convince the interlocutor of something, you need a beautiful and pleasant tone, and he should not disappoint you. To soften your throat, take a teaspoon of honey an hour before the interview.

skype interview tip 8: Control Your Body Language

  • Don’t forget you’re broadcasting. Throughout the interview, employer representatives will see you on your computer screen. So avoid unnecessary movement – don’t straighten clothes, don’t flatten your hair – these little things can ruin your professional image.
  • When you start answering self-help questions with your hands. It is best to keep your hands open and use their hands while you talk to explain important details.
  •  Interviewers are no exception. Nodding is a great way to show the other person that you are an active listener.
  • To feel natural and comfortable and at ease during the rehearsal interview – sit in a chair in front of the webcam saying something.
  • I suggest you record yourself several times in order to see yourself outside and understand what you are doing wrong. Some gestures that are inconspicuous in personal communication may appear inappropriate in the video and distract the interlocutor. Such gestures include: frequent hand movements, “playing” with your hair, touching your face, etc. By observing your behavior in the video, you can have more control over your behavior during Skype interviews.

skype interview tip 9: Make eye contact

Skype interviews are much more difficult. When you talk to someone over video, your eyes tend to want to focus on the person you’re talking to. Depending on where the person’s face is on the computer monitor and the webcam’s position, your gaze may be facing to the side or down. You can avoid this by resizing and moving the person’s “window” up as close to your webcam as possible. 

N! b! When you start answering questions, you must not look at the person on the screen. But look at the camera at the top of your laptop. However, many people do the opposite, and this is a serious mistake that job seekers make. To avoid such oversight, it’s still just training yourself to look into the camera lens, not the laptop screen, and it takes practice.

I recommend practicing this with a friend or family member.

skype interview tip 10. Distribute your attention properly.

If you’re attending a video interview with a whole group of representatives of the company that hires them, each of them should be in your spotlight for a while. Find out which interviewers can help you the most and spend more time with them than others. Prepare your schedule in advance. (If possible) where you list all the participants in the online meeting and indicate what each person does and what influence they have in the company.

skype interview tip 11. Track time

do not forget about time But in any case, look at the wristwatch. Place your watch behind the webcam and track how smart you are using your time.

skype interview tip 12. No installation required

Video interviews take place online and, alas, can’t rule out the unfortunate place. If you’re asked an unusual question, don’t be quick to answer. An experienced interviewer understands that you need to spend time thinking about the question to get a good answer. Keep in mind that brokers can use certain techniques to motivate you to respond. Listen carefully to the interviewer and if you don’t understand a question, ask for clarification or clarification. If you say something wrong, don’t panic or worry, just keep talking. If you calmly and tactfully come out of a difficult situation, your tongue may work for you.

skype interview tip 13. The last chord

As with all types of interviews, after completing the interview, thank the other person for taking the time. Make it clear again why you want to work for this company and what you are ready to do.

Try to keep the manager so interested that they can’t wait to see you in person. Let him be motivated by the prospect of how the company will benefit if you’re hired.

skype interview tip 14. Rehearsal

A Hollywood thriller or a Broadway musical is the work of a whole professional crew. You also need to have your own “expert” to make sure everything goes well and that you perform great. For example, he can listen to the speech you have prepared, check the lighting, appearance, image and sound quality. Get someone you trust to help you practice the interview and then objectively assess your performance. You need a sensitive critic. But be honest to tell you directly what you did wrong.

Consider all the guidelines for preparing for a Skype interview and do your best to ensure your online meeting with your employer is 100% successful. Remember Coco Chanel’s words: “You won’t get a second chance to make a first impression”

If at home you are at risk that something may not go as planned, you can rent the most suitable space for Skype interviews. For example, use the attic, coworking space, meeting rooms, quiet cafes with good internet. Of course, the main thing in examining applicants is knowledge and experience. But if the company’s level is high, the business environment and thorough preparation will be an added advantage.


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