The UK’s economy is growing at one of the fastest rates in the world. Business people from all over the world flock to this city because of its importance to the world economy. Standard Visitor Visas are required for business visits to the UK.

The application for this 6-month UK BUSINESS VISA  can be made up to three months before the departure date. You can rely on PkJobsSite for guidance during every step of the business visa application process to the UK.


During the duration of a UK business visa, a person may enter the country once or repeatedly for up to six months. If you plan to visit the UK for the following reasons, you will need this visa:

  • Whether you’re playing sports, attending a conference, or getting training, you’re busy.
  • Among other business endeavors, you need money to open, close, join, or operate a UK firm.
  • The following company or internal company activities are also acceptable for employees of a company with a foreign location.
  • To the extent that work, advice, consultation, troubleshooting, or training does not directly involve clients, share expertise and knowledge with UK employees of the same business group on specific internal projects.
  • As an internal auditor for the UK division of the same corporate family as your foreign employer, perform regulatory or financial audits.
  • Receive training from UK companies or organizations on working methods and procedures that are essential for visitors to employ abroad and are not available in their home country.
  • Get training from UK businesses or organizations on working techniques and protocols that are necessary for travelers to use outside of their home countries.


  • Possessive information
  • Pay and Financial Information
  • Travel plans and past journeys
  • Show that you have the resources to cover your expenses and that you can afford to fly to and from the UK.
  • evidence that you will depart the United Kingdom after your visit is over
  • Proof of the business ventures you’ll conduct in the UK

Eligibility Requirements for Business Visa


  • The minimum age requirement is 18.
  • You must be able to provide for your own needs financially while you are in town.
  • The authorities’ minimum standards for health must be met by you.
  • A legitimate invitation from a legitimate business in the nation with which you do business is required.

UK business visa requirements

You must show that you meet the following requirements in order to apply for a visa:

  • Once your visit is over, you will leave the UK
  • While traveling, you can provide for yourself and any dependents you may have.
  • Your return or onward travel expenses, as well as any other expenses related to your visit, will be covered by us.
  • If you wish to do business or conduct any other activity in the UK, you must provide proof of that activity, as permitted by visitor regulations

However, you are unable to use this visa for any type of employment that falls outside the purview of business travel. Each visit cannot last longer than 6 months if you have a visa valid for 2, 5, or 10 years. You must pay a £95 visa fee in order to apply for the widely used UK business visa, the 6 month standard visitor visa.


How long does it take to get a UK business visa from Pakistan?

If all necessary paperwork is submitted accurately, the maximum time needed to obtain a UK business visa from Pakistan is 15 days. Priority visa applications require a 3 to 5 day processing period. Super-priority applications require a 24-hour processing window.

UK business visa from Pakistan required documents?

The documents required for a UK business Visa from Pakistan are:

  • Original passport, at least six months after the visa’s expiration date, and one additional passport (if any)
  • Complete the online form for a visa.
  • two brand-new, 35mm x 45mm photos that are no older than six months
  • Invitation letter from a UK company
  • Unused ticket
  • Original bank statement with six-month turnover that is duly attested to and stamped by the bank
  • ITRs for the last three years’ worth of income taxes
  • Financial records of a Pakistani business
  • A resume from a Pakistani business

If the applicant is working:

  • The last three months’ pay slips
  • employment contract
  • Original letter of resignation

If the applicant is a self-employed or business owner:

  • Company registration certificate
  • two letterheads

How long can a person stay in the UK on a business visa?

A You can stay in the UK for a maximum period of six months with a business visa. In the event that your visa is granted for a shorter period of time than six months, you can apply for a visa extension. It will be necessary for you to stay no more than six months for this purpose.

What is the procedure to obtain a business visitor visa?

When you are not in the UK, you must submit an application for a business visitor visa. You must pay the fee and complete the application form online. Additionally, you will require legitimate travel documents, supporting documentation, and biometric data like fingerprints and digital photos (if relevant).

You can submit your application up to three months in advance of your trip, and you should hear back from the application within three weeks. However, you should check the guide processing dates to see how long it might take to receive a visa for the destination country.

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