Will Freelance Tips And Tricks Ever Rule the World?

Freelance Tips And Tricks

The new generation prefers to be freelance tips and tricks rather than employed. But don’t be brave enough to become a freelancer. Still unable to follow freelance tips and tricks ?


I got this not-so-secret trick from processing the needs of people who have used freelance tips and tricks services. People who want to use freelance services gave the same answer until 7 questions could be compiled. So anyone who thinks of freelancers should be wary and ask yourself first: Are you ready?


It started with a junior who hired a freelance tips and tricks photographer. Graduation photoshoot View rod unit from device It’s enough to make the employer feel relieved to hire the wrong person. The job is done. The employer is kind and pays all the money according to the agreement. After that, I look forward to seeing the graduation photos to post on Facebook to show off to friends to be satisfied.

Half a month has passed. There was no sign that he would get a picture, following and asking, but the answer was “I’m taking pictures” or “I’m working late,” followed by an apology. and requesting to postpone the appointment

When I come across something like this, I think the employer is “serious” more than “Sengped”.

These freelancers should be condemned, making the others responsible. It’s a good freelance tips and tricks tarnished gem Because the employer would disgrace all freelancers in the world if they encountered this.

Freelance Tips And Tricks

That’s why I set a simple question about the employer’s expectations. What do you want from all freelancers? Let’s try it out with 7 items, 7 freelance tips and tricks who want to be freelance tips and tricks. 


7 Best freelance tips and tricks


  1. Punctual.

    This item, I think, is basic. Because if people are freelancers, they are not punctual.

Punctuality here includes appointment times for briefings, job talks, presentations and, most importantly, “Delivery appointments”

In the case of this photographer, it is considered “falling from a dead horse” from the first point.


  1. Make no mistake.

    This is related to the first point quite a bit. Because when you are not on time, it means you get the wrong word every time you are not on time.

misrepresentation here The commentators discussed the “commitment,” such as vowing to do something for him. or search for information or presenting something that the customer asks and then promises to do it or not is not as important as “Take your word and don’t do it”

If not, what customers want to hear is: how have you tried and what problem why can’t But don’t just stay silent. as if he had never spoken about that before. This customer is angry.

  1. Don’t accept what you can’t do.

    This I think is part of the reason for the second. Accept customers in what they know they can’t do, but are stubborn, with a considerate mood Or think that other freelancers can continue to deliver the work, but if the result is “can’t do it”, the customer will feel bad anyway.

A good way is to tell the customer honestly that we are not good at it, we can’t do it. If you want to help, you should let the customer know that we can’t do it, but are happy to help find someone to do it. Or would you like us to try it out? but not guaranteed If the customer wants the opportunity, try it and report the results periodically to the customer. This does not qualify as an oath of something that cannot be done. But becoming trying to help customers is a good thing.


  1. Smart, not afraid, afraid of being slow.

    People who are freelance tips for beginners often have to be good at what they do. Calling it good wouldn’t be wrong. And some people bring their talents along with the “trist”, that is, they are too artistic, so elaborate that sometimes they don’t know where the fit is.

Most customers have a common nature. “I want a job fast”

When you decide to hire, start the job as soon as you want to see the results. Especially for photography, design, content creation, etc., so freelance tips and tricks should understand their customers at this point.

A good way is to tell your customers how they work from the beginning. and how long we want to work to come to a common conclusion about the length of time the customer wants to use and the ability that we can

  1. To be honest

    , this one I consider to be another basic. which prohibits the lack of this feature “absolutely”

The word “honest” with customers has many implications. both about wages that doesn’t think of a price that hits the head into the house or customers are easily deceived So I think the price is a flat head. Expensive is okay But there is a reason for the price. and quality of work customers can accept

Not deceitful, such as changing some properties to keep costs down. without notifying the customer or describing the properties of things for sale or presented with false information


  1. keep customer secret

    This is a code of ethics that every profession should have. Maybe being a freelance tips and tricks We cannot be tied to a particular customer. There may be customers who are competitors. or have friends as competitors with our customers There is a chance that the secret will spread.

Therefore, freelance tips and tricks should always keep in mind that Do not disclose all of our customer secrets. should study or inquire from our customers that What can be revealed? What’s more, he says that it’s still a plan. still in development stage Even more careful when talking about it.

  1. Don’t leave your job

    , this reflects the professionalism of that freelance tips and tricks. because of leaving work causing damage to customers No matter how many problems or obstacles must try to find a way to help solve it

How to get Noticed As a Freelancer

But here, there are some cases where I see differently, that is, the case of an idiot customer. Refuses to understand anything, stubborn, change, change erratic I think this is a waste of time, but the cancellation should have been notified. explain why

If the customer can’t accept it from the beginning should not work together

freelancing There is a fundamental risk of unstable income. Creation of credibility from work and personal credibility It’s important to keep the job going.

 Therefore, the first thing to create is “Personal Trust”

For some people, their personal credibility is very high. until customers pay less attention to their work because I work with it and feel comfortable Contributions are acceptable. Not the best but not bad What can you say? This way, customers are happier.

Who wants to be a freelance tips and tricks?  freelance tips and tricks. Start doing only how to become a freelancer in 30 days, but I just want to do it regularly…forever.

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