Worst Drought In Europe 2022

Worst Drought In Europe 2022

Worst Drought In Europe 2022

People in Europe are facing severe drought this year due to global warming (Worst Drought In Europe 2022). Many important rivers in many countries have dried up. Experts point out that this worst drought in Europe is hitting Europe this year. It was the worst drought in Europe for more than 500 years because it was more severe than the 2018 drought in Europe. The drought situation in Europe is seriously affecting people’s livelihoods including the economy. 

And then the people of Europe have witnessed the cataclysm of global warming, as many European countries faced extreme heat this year from the influence of heat waves that comes faster and more intensely. Until this year’s summer in Europe comes faster than every year.  

Governments across Europe have issued a warning urging residents to be wary of the health risks of extreme heat from the influence of the third wave of heat wave in August. While many areas have had forest fires. Many countries are facing the worst drought in Europe. England has announced more than half of the country including London is officially experiencing drought. This means that water use must be limited since Friday 12 August 2022.

Worst Drought In Europe: Major rivers in Europe dry up that has never happened before

The water level of the Rhine is extremely low this year as the drought situation is severely affecting several European countries.


Drought in Italy

Italy has experienced one of the worst droughts in decades when lake garda. This is the country’s largest lake. It appears that the amount of water in the lake. Nearly the lowest level ever recorded. This is because northern Italy has not had significant rainfall for several months while the Po River which is an important river in Italy. The water level is 2 meters below normal level.

One part of the Loire France’s longest river which has a length of 1,012 kilometers, with some sections can walk across. While the Loire’s currents had never flowed this slow before while the Rhine. 

Rhine section which is the most important river in Europe. It has a total length of 1,230 kilometers and is the second longest after the Danube by the Rhine. There are watersheds from the Alps. It flows through Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands out to the north sea, thus the Rhine. It is an important shipping route in Europe but then this year. The Rhine faced a dramatic drop in water levels due to the worst drought in Europe.

Facing the worst drought in Europe for more than 500 years

Andrea Toreti, Senior Research Fellow at the European Drought Observation Agency. Pointed to the drought situation that is occurring in Europe this year. There was a severe drought in Europe in 2018, an unprecedented one in 500 years, but this year he thinks that this is the worst drought in Europe and will be worse than 2018. 

‘As we cannot analyze this year’s drought situation throughout the year. Because the drought situation this year is ongoing. But personally, I think this year’s drought situation is heavier than 2018’ Andrea Toreti said of the drought situation that is hitting Europe this year. There is still a very high risk of drought in western and central Europe, same as in the UK. The drought situation in Europe will continue for the next 3 months.

This worst drought in Europe had a heavy impact on many European countries.


The Rhine, which flows through the Kaub region in Germany, has reached critical low water levels. affecting the shipping of goods heavily


According to the German Federal Institute of Water Resources, the water level in the Rhine is used for shipping by ships. Used in irrigation, industry, power generation and drinking water. Continue to reduce the amount until at least the beginning of next week.

On Friday August 12, 2022, the water level in the Rhine River at Kaub, which flows 50 kilometers from Mainz, dropped to a critical level. Because the water level drops below 40 centimeters, which is the water level that merchant ships can pass through. And the water level is expected to drop to just over 30 centimeters in the next few days.

Many tankers Coal tankers for power plants and important raw materials in large industries. The Thyssen steel plant and chemical giant BASF have now cut their production to around 25%, while shipping costs will increase. 

The water level in the Rhine at Kaub in western Germany. Drop below 40 centimeters on August 12, 65, affecting the shipping of goods. to face more hardship.


Worst Drought In Europe 2022


The inability of barges to pass through the Rhine during Germany affected the economy of Europe heavily. Experts have calculated that the 2018 drought in Europe caused economic losses of around 5,000 million euros, affecting Germany’s economic growth. This will reduce the economic growth rate by 0.2 percentage points this year.

In France, although the rivers are not used as an important shipping route in the country. But as the river dries up Making the cooling system of a nuclear power plant in France 70% of the electricity generated for domestic use was also affected. Until the nuclear power plant giant EDF in France had to reduce electricity supply due to drought.

And these are just some of the consequences. From the drought situation that is hitting Europe hard this year. Among the alarms from experts, Heat waves and droughts are becoming more frequent and severe on Earth. As well as more heavy rains causing flash floods and landslides due to climate change.

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